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 Harry Potter 
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Click to read 'No Light Without Shadows' No Light Without Shadows
Summary: After his godfather falls through the Veil, an angry Harry starts taking charge of his life.
On permanent hold (Fandom burnout. Sorry.)

Attention Deficit
Summary: Draco pays for his inattention. A birthday challenge using the words 'room', 'key', and 'slipper'. Very short

Click to read 'Honour Bound' Honour Bound
Summary: Lucius owes Harry a life debt. Draco pays. Complete

Category: Humour/Fantasy
Summary: Harry woke up to find a goat face peering at him. And then it spoke. One-shot

Click to read 'Honour Bound'Demon Spawn
Summary: Lucius killed the little sister Draco didn't know he had merely because it had another 'father'. Now Draco has to marry a demon spawn. Complete

Click to read 'Honour Bound' Bound!
Summary: Draco asks to be bound to Harry as his liege man in order to escape a worse fate. But when Harry's involved, nothing goes as expected. Complete
(The best of the completed stories, imo.)

Di Catenas
Summary: An old spell involving life bonding is the only thing that can bring peace to the wizarding world. One-shot

Click to read 'Light of Heaven' Light of Heaven
Summary: Harry and Draco's magic goes awry after an unusual, and unexpected bonding. Complete
My first attempt at creative writing. You've been warned. ;)

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Harry Potter

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Abandoned or on Hiatus
Click to read 'The Unbitten' The Unbitten Category: AU
Summary: Muggle medicine does something to Harry that changes his species. Hiatus
Click to read 'Five Minutes' Five Minutes
Category: AU
Summary: Five minutes can change the future. A minor mishap makes Harry miss the Weasleys in his first year. Hiatus
Category: HP fantasy/horror slash
Rating: PG
Summary: An ill-considered walk ends Harry's life - and gives him a new one. Abandoned